Hobo Concept

HoboNovels are not books about hobos but are hobos themselves.
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A traditional hobo was an intellectual who thought outside the conventional box, living and promoting the life he/she espoused. A HoboNovel reveals her most intimate secrets with any willing reader, and she readily accepts rejection when her story concludes. She is confident of her impact but resents being sandwiched between other conquests on some reader’s trophy shelf. Passing from one soul to another inflates her ego and enhances her reputation.

The HoboJacket story:

HoboJacket is a pay-it-forward concept in the spirit of the movie by that name, appropriately set in Las Vegas. A HoboJacket roves the back streets seeking a homeless vagabond huddled against the cold and damp in the eerie silence of loneliness. (Motivation: pay it forward)

Richard Leslie, a victim of PTSD his entire adult life, identified with these homeless vagabonds, especially those who experienced combat. In his honor, a platoon of HoboJackets, official logo embroidered across their backs, have been commissioned to kick start a campaign to take some of the chill out of homelessness.

FLASH: HoboJacket takes a giant leap forward. The youth group at St Andrew Church in Las Vegas have accepted the www.HoboJacket.com challenge. Members wearing an official HoboJacket are scouring the area for used jackets to comfort the homeless in Las Vegas. They hope to add pairs of socks, stocking caps, possibly a pairs of gloves. These gift packages will be offered to members of Saint Andrew Congregation to keep handy in their cars when confronted with street people asking for help. A couple of dollars tucked in the jacket pocket would add a nice touch.

To participate, follow these simple procedures:

Purchase a couple of jackets, new or used and cleaned, to keep in your car. If desired, fill the pockets with accessories like caps, gloves, and stockings. When confronted with someone in need, pass your gift to him or her, often through the car window. The HoboJacket motto: never pass by a garage sale, put Savers and Goodwill on your shopping list.

With the purchase of Pvt. Richard Lee Leslie or Showgirl Memoir, you can request a repurposed HoboJacket, www.HoboJacket.com embroidered across the back, to wear in support of the program. It is not intended to warm the back of a homeless person. He or she need not know your generosity is part of an organized program.

How did the unlikely combination, a WWII paratrooper, a Las Vegas showgirl, and this author (memoir-in-progress free on this blog) inspire Project HoboJacket? Beyond the glamour and the glitz of hotels up and down the Strip, on tunnels and backstreets reside homeless veterans and others.

Memoirs record choices and consequences of real human beings. Novels create characters to drive the narrative.

My three memoirs are:

PVT. RICHARD LEE LESLIE (WWII vet shares combat and life long PTSD experiences)
SHOWGIRL MEMOIR (Las Vegas showgirl credits her success to her mother)
ROGER STORKAMP (Roger recreates random life’s experiences as a series on this blog)

My four HoboNovels are fictional stories of care-giving Minnesota women:

THELMA’S QUILT (teenager as head of her household)
’NEATH A CRESCENT MOON (mother of an emotionally challenged war veteran)
MISS WEST (schoolmarm with her passel of country kids)
LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME (teen pregnancy on a mission to colonize Proxima Centuri)

Similar to a message-in-a-bottle, three thousand of these ladies-of-the-road, identified and recorded, hooked their first ride with a human companion. Over half of these Ladies scattered among the reading public reported a second location, many from beyond the United States borders.

All are available on the home page of this site as-well-as through Amazon.